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Photo Desk Board With Coloured Flower, Size 6x9 Inches

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Photo Desk Board With Coloured Jute Flowers

Simply slide any 5"x7" image into the board and it's ready.
Works great for wedding photos, family photos, travel photos, postcards, etc.

These premium pine-wooden boards will keep colourful or monochrome, contemporary or ancient, family or art photos looking fresh and charming everytime you see them. 

A desk board with a photo will be as a lovely accessorize in your interior. 
Its surface rough, touched by the sun, wind and rain in contrast with silkscreen prints will always keep looking perfect. 

Create an original photo collection, using these boards or give them as a gift.

MATERIAL: Our desk boards are made from unique material: Natural & thick heavy-duty premium pinewood. This ecological material has a lot of benefits, it is very strong, water resistant* and unbreakable in nature. It is an unique alternative for picture frame. The charm of this natural wood also means that no two are exactly alike!

COLOR: These boards are stained with high quality wood stains which enhances and beautifies the natural look. Jute flowers are naturally coloured in Pink, Orange & Violet.

TABLE STAND: Table stand is unique in design and easy to set up. It is made from heavy-duty metal.

Available in 4 different style and designs with Coloured Jute Bows, Coloured Jute Flowers, Natural Jute with Star Prints Bow & White Jute Flower.

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Photo Desk Board With Coloured Flower, Size 6x9 Inches
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