01. What's in the box?

In the package you will receive all the theme materials such as (photo frames, cut-outs, quote boards, stars, hearts, birds, clips, etc.)*, Theme Template Map and installation materials as shown in the image above.

*only the materials from the ordered theme will be sent

02. Match all the Theme Materials

Open the Theme Template Map provided with the theme and start placing all the materials on the map for a visual idea of how it would look on the wall.

03. Match all the Installation Materials

Along with the theme materials match all the Installation items to be used during Installation process.

04. Preparing the photo frames

Open the frames from back by pushing the black pins and take out plexiglass.

05. Peel off the protective film

Once the plexiglass is taken out start peeling off the protective film from the both the sides for a clear transparent layer.

06. Readying the photo frames

Starting readying the photo frames with your pictures and mounts if provided and place the S-hook in the centre of the hardback to be hanged (s-hook placement shown on the map).

07. Preparing the wooden cut-outs 

Once all the frames are ready, start preparing the wooden cut-outs with the provided 3M wall mounting tapes. Cut them (1/2 or 1/4) or use full as shown in the Theme Template Map. (shown in dia. 02)

08. Readying the cut-outs & other materials

Once you have all the required 3M mounting tapes stick them on the cut-outs as shown on the Theme Template Map.

09. Theme Template Map preparation

Next step is to cut the Theme Template Map through the dotted line as shown in the diagram. 

10. Placing the map on the desired area

IMPORTANT: Wipe the desired area before putting installation.
Now place the Template Map on the desired area of your wall and stick it with a sticky tape (preferably masking tape).

11. Align the template map

For alignment and visually straight installation, use the "Spirit Level App" for aligning the map with the wall. (download the app and align it with your phone's compass for any misalignment)

12. Stick the cut-outs

Once the template map is placed on the wall, start sticking the cut-outs in the desired area.

13. Hammer the NO DRILL Hooks

Now that the cut-outs are all placed and set, next we use a hammer to place the hooks with the help of the template map hook placement.

14. Arrange the frames

Next is to arrange all the frames as per the respective sizes at their places. Align appropriately to match the template map, adjust the s-hook if necessary to fit the frame in the cut-out area.

15. Place all theme materials

Once all the frames are set in their placeholders, remove the map and stick other small items (if included with the theme).

16. Happy Spaces to You!

Woohoo! you have successfully completed the process and got yourself a Shiny Beautiful Gallery Space.

Do not forget to click pictures and share them with us - tag us on Instagram with #happyspacesdecor #NoMoreBoringWalls


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